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Below is all of the procedures that we are proud to provide to our patients:

  • A1c testing

  • Corn/Callus removal

  • Drug screening

  • EKG

  • Finger Stick Glucose Testing

  • Hemoglobin/Hematocrit testing

  • Incision and drainage of abscess

  • Joint/Trigger point injections

  • Lavage (Ear wash)

  • Lesion biopsy and destruction

  • Matrixectomy (Removal of nail bed)


  • Remove foreign body

  • TB Screening

  • Urine Micro-Albumin/Creatinine ratio

  • Vasectomy

  • Wart removal

  • Wound Cleaning and Redressing​​

In addition to these procedures, we are also happy to complete blood draws in-house and send the blood to either Labcorp or Saint Joseph Hospital.

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